Universal Automated Control Systems

UASCUE Automated System of Energy Resources Control

Automated System of Energy Resources Control (ASERC) from the company UASU is a modern software and hardware complex based on cloud technologies, as well as data processing and transmission equipment manufactured by UASU.

The complex is built on the basis of UMOPD UASU Controller and top-level Internet software. Display and search for information, as well as equipment management, is carried out from the personal account of the management system user. Each user management system may have different roles and privileges. It is possible to use the system from any device with Internet support (personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

As part of the complex, it is also possible to use wireless radio modules UASU ULRM LoRa module or UASU UZBM ZigBee module with the purpose of organizing a wireless coverage of the AMR system, within a radius of several kilometers.

All information from the equipment included in the AMR system will be transferred to the cloud storage via wired and wireless data transmission channels and the Internet in automatic mode. Information round the clock is available to users through the Internet through the personal account of the management system.

Modernization of obsolete Automated System of Energy Resources Control (ASERC):

The UASCUE system allows you to upgrade existing obsolete energy metering systems in order to fully automate them through the Internet, equipment and cloud services of the UASU company. Most of the outdated metering systems were built on PLC technology (Power Line Communication) - data transmission over power wires or wired RS485 / RS232 / CAN. When upgrading the AMR installed at the facility, the existing equipment (energy meters and DRCs) are connected to UMOPD UASU controller without the need to replace them. It also becomes possible to point-add or replace metering devices, practically at any point of the object, by means of wireless technologies and radio modules UASU ULRM LoRa module or UASU ULRM ZigBee module. At the same time, all equipment (both old and new installed) will work in one common UASCUE system, without any visual difference for the system user.


  • Can be used from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • Meter readings for the last year or more
  • Load and Limit Management
  • Energy Consumption Control
  • Payroll generation with the ability to upload
  • View event and error logs

Competitive advantages of ASERC from the company UASU:

Unlike many existing solutions on the market, the automated control system of automated accounting systems for energy management from the company UASU uses a modular structure. All elements of the system are separate complete blocks, independent of each other, which gives clear advantages both in the operation and implementation of the system, and in its integration with other solutions

  • The ability to use almost any standard metering devices with a standard serial port, available in any electrical goods store
  • The ability to use existing installed (used) metering devices at an existing installation site (you only need to install a radio module)
  • Separate blocks independent of each other (metering device, electrical box, radio module)
  • Possibility of combining various data transfer standards at one object (LoRa, ZigBee, RS485/CAN, PLC)
  • The ability to integrate with other ready solutions through standard interfaces and protocols or Internet


Example of electricity consumption list
Booklet - presentation of the system ASERC